Play Therapy for Children with ADHD
Play Therapy for Children with ADHD


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Video Description...

This video includes a training manual that can be downloaded at time of purchase.

One of the most common referrals tends to be children with ADHD. The challenge of psychological treatment is minimized through play therapy. Not only do the children love to come to their sessions, but the parents also learn how to overdose the positive and enjoy their children more. This video will teach the viewers about the characteristics of play therapy, and how the therapeutic powers of play can aide in the treatment of children with ADHD through techniques and games created for this population. In addition, parent training will be provided so that the therapist can help in a multi-modal approach to this disorder. Techniques will be taught and client presentations will be discussed and viewed.

Learning Objectives...

-Identify the different disorders on the Autistic Spectrum, and how
each affects the child's Students will be able to understand
how ADHD affects children in their daily lives.
-Students will be able to focus on the multi-modal treatment of ADHD,
including the individual treatment in play.
-Students will learn how to enhance verbalization for children
with ADHD.
-Play therapy techniques will be available to use with children in home,
school or clinic setting.

About DVD/Video Quality Control. . .

When first deciding to make these video workshops, we had a decision to make: produce them professionally at a very high cost or produce them ourselves at lower cost. Because our goal was to disseminate as much play therapy information as possible to mental health professionals with limited budgets, we decided on the latter. Each video workshop is 3 to 6 hours long, yet we’ve been able to keep the costs under $100. The “trade-off” for this is a slight decrease in video quality and rough cuts and transitions. The videos are not glitzy production numbers, but viewers have consistently commented that the quality of information on them is top-notch.

About Continuing Education Credits. . .

The Association for Play Therapy (APT) permits play therapists to earn some of their CE credits via these video/DVD workshops. To obtain CE credits, you must receive an 85% or higher on a short-essay exam. The exams may be obtained electronically from our website for a fee of $25, which covers processing costs. After submitting your exam, you will receive documentation of CE credits via mail. If you have additional questions about CE credits please contact us at

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